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A drivers guide to driving in the UK
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Learning to Drive a Tractor

If you are wanting to become a Tractor Driver this page has all the practicing rules and licence categories you need on your licence.

Practice Rules
Licence Categories

Learning to drive a tractor or specialist vehicle

You should try to find someone who can teach you how to operate your Tractor. An Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) is approved by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) to teach learner drivers for payment. You might be able to use an ADI if you’re learning to drive a vehicle in category B1 with:

• controls similar to a car
• two front seats

For other vehicles you should find someone who:

• is an experienced driver of the type of vehicle you wish to drive
• can explain clearly and simply the skills you must learn
• is patient and tactful
• builds your confidence

If your employer needs you to take a test in a specialist vehicle, suitable instruction may be arranged for you.

Tractor Driving Instruction

Ted from Everything Attachments shows you how to Operate and Drive a Tractor. Very Educational - Explained in an easy to understand language that is geared toward newbies and tractor people with Intermediate experience.

Rules on practising

When you practise on public roads your vehicle must display L plates, or D plates in Wales. Your practice vehicle must be properly insured for you to drive. It can be useful if your instructor is also insured, so that he or she can give you a practical demonstration of the skills you need to learn. Always make sure your vehicle is roadworthy before using it on the road.

To practise driving a tractor on the road you must be at least 17 years old. If you are 16 you can drive a tractor on the road:

• when driving to or returning from your driving test appointment
• when you have passed your driving tests

If your specialist vehicle does not have space for two people on board, your instructor:

• may have to walk alongside you calling out advice
• needs to keep out of your way but be close enough to see what you’re doing

Theory test for specialist vehicles

All new drivers will be tested on their knowledge of The Highway Code. Whether you need to take a theory test will depend upon which category of test you’re taking.

Category B1 - Three or four wheeled light vehicles

Before you can book a practical B1 driving test you will have to pass a theory test. If you already have a full car licence you may not have to pass a theory test.

Categories F, G, H, K - all other specialist vehicles

You will not have to take a theory test for any of the vehicles in these categories, but you will still need to:

• understand and follow the rules and advice given in the Highway Code
• have a sound understanding of how your vehicle works and its limitations

Your examiner will test your knowledge by:

• asking you questions on The Highway Code and other road safety matters
• asking you to identify some road signs
• watching how you put your knowledge into practice during your practical test

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