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A drivers guide to driving in the UK
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Becoming A Taxi Driver Help

Help and information for peple who want to become a taxi driver.

Working Basics

Becoming a Taxi Driver in your area requires planning

So you want to know - How do i become a taxi driver? People go on the cabs for many different reasons. Maybe you donít have a choice, a lot of people turn to taxi driving when they are made redundant and they need an income fast. Maybe you want to be your own boss and choose your own working hours (to quote just about every driving instructor advert ever made).

Whatever your reasons there are a lot of important things to consider before you begin the process of becoming a cab driver. If you launch yourself into this career without any advice or planning it can be a nightmare; bad choices can mean losing money, getting into debt, working for a companies that rip you off, accountants that charge the earth and donít deliver, people trying to sell you stuff you donít need, just to mention a few pitfalls. I found out the hard way.

The reason I have decided to post all this on the interweb is to help other newbie drivers avoid all this hassle and misery. With this blog I hope I can help new drivers avoid the problems I have had. I have made cab driving work for me now but when I was a newbie I thought I could do the street knowledge, get my badge and make money Ė plain sailing all the way. Trust me when I say it is nowhere near that straight forward. Itís not as hard as some people think but it is not easy either.

Working as a taxi driver: The (Very) Basics.

Working as a taxi driver involves picking passengers up from one location and dropping them off at another for payment. The fee or Fare is dictated either by a meter that can be seen by the customer or my mileage recorded by the drivers tripometer and checked against a mileage to price conversion chart normally pre-set by the Local council or Licensing authority.

Hackney cabs can be hailed off the street, Private hire or minicabs must be pre-booked by the customer by phone, text, email or via a website. Hackney drivers normally rent time in the cab. Private hire drivers often own the vehicle but can also rent from the operator who takes the bookings.

Most taxi drivers are self employed. The job involves customer interaction in that the driver must establish where the customer needs to go. All other communication is optional! It is handy for drivers to know the area that they work in.

It helps if you are ok with basic maths, are friendly and polite. An experienced driver with good local knowledge. Able to stay cool when dealing with aggressive road situations or passengers. There are no formal qualifications to become a taxi driver but each Local authority has its own requirements that drivers must meet.

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