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Taxi Drivers Test Information

Help and information for taxi drivers regards to the test procedures and taking the practicle assesment.

The DSA Taxi Test is an increasingly common requirement of Local Councils and itís just another hoop you have to jump through if you want your badge. The Taxi driving test was first introduced in 1999. The DSA recommend that you take Instruction and read up on the content of the test before you take it. You can sit the test as many times as you like but if you fail you will have to wait at least 3 days before re-sitting. The test lasts around 40 mins, the standard they expect is in the test is higher than that of the learner drivers test. Just like in the Learner test you will have to read a plate from 20 metres before the driving begins. If you fail the sight part you cannot drive but you can go on to the wheelchair section of the test where applicable.

During the driving section of the test you will be examined on:
1) Awareness and anticipation.
2) Correct use of speed.
3) An emergency stop, not all tests will include this.
4) Effective planning of prevailing road and traffic conditions.
5) A manoeuvre involving reversing.
6) Hackney Carriage/Private Hire Car related exercise.

Some tests will include a wheelchair exercise depending on if you have wheelchair accessible vehicle. It basically involves you proving via practical demonstration that you can safely install the wheelchair in the car.

If you pass the tests you will be issued with certificates which you will need to produce to the council before your licences is issued. The test costs around £60.

Fees for taking the taxi driving assessment

Some councils and local authorities insist that you first must pass the Driving Standards Agency's practical assessment before they can grant you a Hackney Carriage or private hire vehicle driver's licence.

You can choose to take your assessment on weekdays or - at extra cost - on a weekend or weekday evening.

Your taxi driving practical test fees vary depending on the type of test needed. In order to plan for your taxi driving practical test, you'll need to contact your local council. Ask them for the Private Hire/Hackney Carriage Assessment Pack.

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