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Mobile Crane Operating Safety Procedures

Informationon crane safety from how to control the pivot of a crane to an outlines health and safety procedure

Mobile Crane Operating Safety Procedures• Only trained, qualified and specifically designated persons shall operate a mobile crane.

• Crane operator shall not engage in any practice that will divert their attention while operating the equipment.

• Prior to operating a mobile crane, the operator must make a complete walk around the equipment to ensure that people are clear of the equipment, and that all equipment is in a safe condition.

• Barricades, warning signs or other methods must be used to prevent entry into a lift area or turn radius of the crane.

• All controls must be tested by the operator prior to operating the equipment. Any malfunctions must be corrected or repaired before operating the crane.

• Operators will respond to signals only from a trained signal person.

• When there is any doubt as to the safety of rigging and hoisting activity, the operator has the authority and responsibility to refuse to handle loads.

• The operator is responsible to secure any unattended hoisting equipment.

• At no time shall persons work under a suspended load and suspended loads shall not be left unattended without proper safeguards.

Following the above basic guidelines hopefully helps you avoid accidents with mobile cranes. The following clip contains photographs of crane operators that did not follow the guidelines.

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